Recovery Team (Arctic)

Recovery team [REDACTED] at around 1129 hours on 3.8.2017 during a HALO jump over the Antarctica Research Facility.

The Polar Dark Incident (also known as the Antarctica Research Proxy Containment Breach) was a massive breach of containment that occurred for six days between 29.7.2017 and 3.8.2017 at the Nero Research Proxy in Antarctica [COORDINATED REDACTED], with a staff death toll of over 200. With no known cause as of the moment, it rendered the facility almost completely destroyed, and resulted in a reported [REDACTED] new cases of ABN-A175.

List of Entities Involved Edit

Addendum 1 Edit

The facility A.I., Deimos, was found shut down with all it's memory erased. It is currently under investigation whether this was a case of rampancy, or if someone with access to the A.I.'s controls is to blame. The latter is, at the moment, more likely, as the body of Doctor James Heckler (Deimos's lead engineer) was never discovered upon investigation.

Addendum 2 Edit

Among the few survivors that were found, the initial recovery teams that arrived on the night of 2.8.2017 reported that a field team from Greece known as Hazard Squad was found wandering the ice outside the facility. The team was in a bad state, with most of it's members either injured, sleep-deprived, or both. When they were picked up and treated for their injuries, the recovery team also reported countless instances of ABN-A175 seemingly "hunting" for them in the snow. It should be noted that the recovery teams were unable to obtain the survivors' identities.


Facility Commander, Edward Cline supposedly contacted the recovery teams about a 20 hours later using a closed network, and instructed them to take the members of Hazard Squad into custody, and to kill them if they proved hostile.



As of now, the whereabouts of Hazard Squad and the recovery team is unknown.

Addendum 3 Edit

Upon arrival of recovery teams to the Antarctica Research Proxy, HMN-009 was briefly spotted just inside sector 1 of the facility. HMN-009 promptly dematerialized as soon as it was detected.