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Olivia began her professional career upon receiving her [REDACTED] degree at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York until 2014, joining the researchers at the Reynolds Laboratory in [REDACTED], New York. Nero intel agents in the business noticed that she could prove herself as a field surgeon and facility medic.

In late 2015, Harrison was running trials of an experimental treatment for various lung diseases caused by extreme pollution. One patient who was experiencing symptoms of COPD actually was being affected by ABN-120. The entity exited the patient through his mouth and attacked Olivia, forcing its way into her lungs. She quickly injected herself with the experimental drug, which seemed to injure ABN-120, causing it to flee. Olivia suffered moderate damage to her lungs and windpipe.

Upon her recovery, the administration of grade B amnestics was intended, but a letter of recommendation by Doctor Harrison instead allowed to Olivia to join Nero as a minor researcher.

In 2016, Harrison was officially allowed to join Nero, and offered to join as a DSC unit, as well as a researcher in pharmacology. After training, Harrison was stationed in Olympus Research Facility as a field agents in Hazard Squad.


Medical History Edit

Early in her life, Harrison underwent sex reassignment surgery after a period of regular estrogen therapy. In other words, Harrison was born a biologically male, but is currently a woman.

During her encounter with ABN-120, Harrison suffered moderate damage to the lungs and throat, but recovered within 4 months. While recovering, a team of Nero researchers lead by Doctor Harrison investigated the damages caused by ABN-120. No long-term ill effects were caused by exposure.

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Harrison has had little experience with any sentient or sapient entities, but has been present for the several tests conducted with ABN-120.

Current Status Edit


At the events of the Polar Dark Incident, Harrison and her squad were discovered upon escaping the Antarctica Research Proxy by a recovery team. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Harrison and her group were to be detained upon landing in the Olympus Research Facility, questioned, and tried for various crimes against Nero. However, communications with the recovery team was lost while over the deserts of Algeria. The current whereabouts of Harrison and her squad are unknown.

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