Containment Procedures Edit

OBJ-B289 is to be contained within a steel safe located in the [REDACTED] of the DVCF. The safe requires two Latchekey Cards (which have been given to OBJ-B289's containment officers) to open, and will only unlock if the cards are swiped at the exact same time.

Once every two weeks, OBJ-B289 is to be removed from it's safe to be viewed by a group of 14 chosen individuals, mostly consisting of containment scientists and decoders. Viewed within a darkened room with a locked door, OBJ-B289's contents are to be logged and discussed in order to study the nature of the film.

Any video or audio recordings of OBJ-B289 are to be neutralized as soon as possible, in order to prevent any unknown memetic effects from breaking containment.

Description Edit

OBJ-B289 is a black VHS tape with a 3 inch piece of white tape on the front with the words "Sammie's Tape; UUV 1979" written in black pen. The tape itself cannot be opened, though various attempts have been made to do so, and the black plastic case surrounding the tape has proven to be impenetrable to all known materials.

OBJ-B289's contents change every time a person views it, and always consists of around 20 minutes of random videos without any context. A reoccurring trope among each clip is that they all appear to be filmed by someone who is not often noticed by the other people/creatures in the videos. Many clips appear to be pointless, and some are believed to contain subliminal messages, although it is unknown whether these are intentional or not.

OBJ-B289 has not been confirmed as a memetic hazard, but many scientists studying it believe that it could very well have minor, if not undetectable, effects.

Viewing Logs Edit

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Listed below are several data logs recording the contents of OBJ-B289 during a 20 minute session, organized by Doctor Linda Curtis and Officer Julian Barowitz.

Session 1/20/17 Edit

Clip No. Contents
1 Recording of a man adjusting, and then loosening screws on a bike over and over again, with his face just off camera. (4:54)
2 Recording of an unrecognized marsh. (1:03)
3 Recording of a young woman in a kitchen, throwing a glass of water at the wall. (0:04)
4 Recording of an unmarked sedan flipping and tumbling off the edge of a cliff. During the final 30 seconds of the recording, the camera seems is pointed at the area where the car fell. (0:50)
5 Recording of a woman in the 1950's reading on her porch, with police sirens blaring in the background. (3:34)
6 Recording of a pair of overalls being burnt in an oven. (5:10)
7 Recording of a distant mountain vista, that was later confirmed to be the French Alps. (2:36)
8 Recording of a middle-aged Chinese man painting a coat of green on a singular brick. (1:45)

Session 2/17/17 Edit

Clip No. Contents
1 Recording of a bowl of potato chips being eaten by a middle-aged man. (1:42)
2 Recording of an unrecognized performance by The Beatles, likely from sometime in the late 1960s. However, all the instruments are unplugged, while still emitting sound. (10:04)
3 Recording of a lightning storm over Paris, France. (0:33)
4 Recording of a man untying his shoelaces with his teeth. (1:31)
5 Recording of a line of young women posing for a beach photo, except the bay behind them is filled with sunken battleships with markings on them that spell out "The Fish Can Smell the Salt". (5:28)
6 Recording of a great dane sitting in the back seat of a red convertible, holding a black purse in it's mouth. (0:50)

Session 3/31/17 Edit

Clip No. Contents
1 Recording of a cloaked man holding an orb of black, viscous material in his cupped hands. (0:55)
2 Recording of a morgue worker pushing a stretcher containing the bloated corpse of ABN-071 through a pair of doors labeled "Abnormatorium". (2:14)
3 Recording of a family visiting the Statue of Liberty. (2:02)
4 Recording of a homeless man being chased out of a convenient store within a bustling city. (4:49)
5 Recording of an old woman standing outside a garage in an urban neighborhood, smoking a cigarette and holding an Kalashnikov rifle. (0:12)
6 Recording of a small spider crawling into a glass bowl. 27 seconds into the recording, a broom smashes the both. (0:41)
7 Recording of a tall man with a bandage over his mouth and a panama hat, sweeping bones off the street with a push broom. (0:54)
8 Recording of a whale breaching the surface of the ocean, then sprouting wings and transforming into a pelican. (1:26)
9 Recording of a man demolishing his living room with a sledgehammer in a fit of rage. (5:50)
10 Recording of two birds sitting on a power line, though one has only one wing, and the other had three. (1:07)

Audio Logs Edit

There have not been many audio logs released regarding OBJ-B289, and those that have are but recordings of scientists' notes.