The official symbol of Nero, known to the agents as "The Blue Eye"

A worldwide, top-secret agency devoted to capturing, containing, and eliminating all traces of superbiological entities

from the public eye, NERO was founded in 1897 as a way to study "paranormal activities" under the protection of the government. Now, it is a top-secret foundation who's seemingly spectral tracks can only be traced back to world leaders across the globe.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Project NERO traces it's beginnings back to a self-made millionaire during the Winter of 1897, in the home of Alfred Nero (as he came to be known), a self-made millionaire who had a mind for unexplained wonders of the world. During the month of January, Alfred's godson, William Hawthorne, became suddenly quiet and began isolating himself from the family. Many believed that he simply had some form of autism, but Alfred believed that William had come under the influence of a supernatural being.

Having payed the city of London to keep his investigations under covers, Alfred hired a small group of scientists and psychologists to help him unlock the mystery behind his godson's strange affliction.

Though it took a year, Alfred finally came to the conclusion that William's antisocial (and isolated) behavior could be traced back to the boy's border collie, "Percival", of which he had received as a birthday gift a month before he started showing his strange behavior. To prove it, he had the dog separated from William for 1 year. About 3 months after the two were divided, Percival began showing signs of feral instinct, and would attack his caretakers relentlessly, eventually severing one man's finger. Meanwhile, William had become much more social and talkative.

Accepting it as proof, he had the dog shot. However, Percival survived the initial shot, being unfazed by the bullet piercing it's head. They shot three more times, eventually killing it. With this evidence, Alfred realized that there was more to his life than to spend his money on expensive wines and meaningless vanities. Thus begun the agency we now know as NERO.

Agreement 855 Edit

During the first 49 years of it's existence, Project NERO went on as an England-specific agency. It had grown, with members including scientists, psychologists, and mercenaries. But while Alfred (now 83) was incredibly rich, he believed that his agency would not be perceived as "serious business" in other countries. However, in 1946, just after World War II had ended, American spies returning from Britain brought news of NERO. Interested, President Harry S. Truman contacted Alfred and asked what it would take to expand NERO, allowing it's people on American soil. Alfred was shocked, but remained indifferent, stating that an alliance with one nation would be unfair to the rest of the world.

Truman stated that if he were to inform the leaders of the rest of the world, NERO would gain many powerful allies, and a much wider variety of entities and anomalies to investigate. However, he told Alfred that NERO would have to be completely hidden from the public, as would the entities they contained and hunted. NERO would have to be an agency for humanity.

Seeing a great opportunity in this, Alfred accepted, and within 10 years, the entirety of Europe, North America, and many other countries had accepted his offer. In the year of 1958, when Alfred died of natural causes, the officially named "agreement 855" had been accepted by 65% of world leaders.

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Leadership Edit

The Commander of Nero Facilities is the highest-ranking officer of Nero. They are both the symbolic and functional head of the agency, and hold a position of very high esteem among agents. The Commander of Nero Facilities has the responsibility of ensuring that the agency is organized, and does it's job of studying and containing any and all superbiological entities they come across. The current Commander of Nero Facilities is Harold Crowley.

The Chief of Containment Protocols is the second highest-ranking officer of Nero. Their job is to lead investigations on superbiological entities, assure that containment methods work properly, and that agents are properly equipped to take on targets. The Chief of Containment Protocols is known as a highly undesirable job, as they are required to assist in missions, and execute orders many would rather leave alone. The current Chief of Containment Protocols is Jane Trafford.

Containment Facilities Edit

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The hidden facilities and laboratories that Nero have created to keep captured entities away from society are known as containment facilities. There are many different designs regarding the construction of these facilities, but many are made to be places of study, where scientists can safely inspect and learn about different superbiological creatures and objects.

The following is a list of the different facility types used by Nero:

Operations Edit

To stand as a functioning agency, Nero has recruited a worldwide task force to carry out dangerous operations. With many division (all based around the country they are stationed in), this task force is highly militarized, and while the scientists of Nero are the ones to research and identify entities, they are the ones to go and capture them.

Operations are usually planned by a strategist lead by a group of biologists, who then choose the proper agents to carry out the plans. Operations can be as short as one night, to as long as a year.

The governments of the countries that a facility is located in are required to pay for any and all equipment that the operation requires. This includes tactical equipment, firearms, ammunition, and anything else required for the mission. This means that much of the equipment that agents are granted access to are similar to those that are given to the country's military. As an example, the agents of Nero USA are given M16A4s as a default assault weapon; the same rifle that is given to those in the USMC.

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Trivia Edit

  • Nero was once held accountable by the government of Korea for an escaped entity that killed 43 people in their homes. However, the United Nations stepped in before negotiations could start and tried to "convince" the nations leaders that the incident was an accident. It has not been confirmed, but many believe this happening to be one of the reasons behind the Korean War.
  • Ranking within Nero was not established until 1960, when the United Nations thought that the agency's current way of organizing agents was too random. This is the reasoning behind ranks being similar to those of the United States Marine Corps.
  • There are only three countries that have not yet signed Agreement 855; Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Lesotho.