Hazard Squad was a DSC field team stationed at Olympus Research Facility. The team went MIA during the Polar Dark Incident, but were later discovered by recovery teams from the Samburu Kenya Containment Facility. During their travel back to their facility, their rescuers were informed on behalf of Commander Edward Cline that Hazard Squad was to be held captive until they reached the facility, where they would be interrogated for their involvement in the incident in Antarctica.

However, while they were flying over an Algerian desert, the helicopter crashed, killing both pilots.

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Made up of a wide range of specialists, Hazard Squad has used the following equipment on their missions.

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After they crashed, Hazard Squad was captured by the local insurgent group in Algeria, the GSA. Tortured and imprisoned for days, the group met with Aimée Agathe, a GIGN agent sent to intercept an unknown package. However, not only was the squad battered and bruised, but one of their members, Lorenzo, was missing. In an attempt to escape, they cleared the cave barracks they were in, and fought their way to a small town where they learned of a large GSA base to the south. There, they could find a helipad where they could possibly escape.

However, they would require safe passage through the minefield around it, so they went after a GSA general through a rocky canyon in order to gain a map of the mines. Along the way, they survived a dangerous encounter with a mysterious female sniper who only spared their lives at the sight of Olivia Harrison.

After finding the general and infiltrating the base, they found Lorenzo and headed for the helipad. However, upon reaching it, they saw a large experimental helicopter land. From it, a group of men in tactical gear emerged, receiving some sort of biohazard compound from the GSA there in exchange for a large sum of money. Needing a ride, the group climbed aboard, where Olivia felt a strange urge to follow the special cargo.