A DSC field agents wielding a sniper rifle during a recontainment operation in Afghanistan in 2016.

DSC units, meaning deploy/secure/contain unit, are Nero military forces that are dispatched on missions including entity recovery missions, recontainment operations, HVT extraction/escort/termination, and many other objectives falling under this category of off-site operations. DSC units are the most numerous staff type in Nero, besides scientists/researchers, and are used in almost any combat operation.

Recruitment Edit

DSC units are chosen through a process known as "random recruitment screenings", in which facilities short on DSC units will pick a handful of soldiers from a local government militant organization (usually around 100 people) and search through their records for any qualities that the agency requires. Common qualities that Nero looks for are problem-solving skills, mental fortitude, unwavering loyalty, and past experience with anomalous subjects.

Out of the average 100 subjects, only 10 - 20 are usually ever picked.

After this, agents are split up into 3 groups; field agents, facility containment agents, and intel agents.

Subdivisions Edit

Field Agents Edit

Joining a squad of around 5 - 10 other DSC units, field agents are stationed at a facility with the purpose of being dispatched on missions involving recovery, recontainment, escort, termination, and reconnaissance. The primary basis of a field agent is that their operations take place beyond the walls of their facility. However, unlike an MTF unit, field agents will return to their facility in between missions, whereas an MTF unit is not stationed at a facility.


A photograph of highly-regarded British field team "Union Squad" just before a successful termination operation in 1969.

Facility Containment Agents Edit

Not to be confused with facility security units, DSC units that are categorized as a facility containment units are stationed at a containment facility of some sort. Facility containment units are assigned a small team of around 10 other agents, and will be trained in a specific form of combat and training. In the case of a containment breach, a facility containment team is to be dispatched to hunt down and recontain the escaped anomalous entity(s).

Intel Agents Edit

Trained to be Nero's eyes in the general public, DSC that train as intel units are tasked with embedding themselves within alternate organizations or roles in society as secret agents. Intel agents are expected to report any suspected anomalies among the general public to their supervisors. Nero has intel agents within military and police forces, political parties, corporate businesses, anomalous organizations, and the general public.