Black Goat Two

A member of Black Goat Two prepares to rappel unto his designated LZ during ABN-092's escape on March [REDACTED].

Black Goat Two (nicknamed "Black Philip") is one of the four facility containment teams stationed at the Death Valley Containment Facility. The team was established in 1988 by Major Geoffrey Jones, and is dispatched on most large-scale containment breaches.

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Black Goat Two, like all facility containment teams at the Death Valley Containment Facility, take their orders from the intelligence team under the codename "Bishop". Bishop updates them on their objectives, ensures a safe communication relay, and reports their progress to the facility command.

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Specializing in close-quarters combat, Black Goat Two has used the following equipment on their missions.

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  • Black Goat Two received it's name in reference to the goat in the 2015 horror film, The Witch, by Robert Eggers.